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Snaps From My Weekend!

I feel like every weekend is a whirlwind, but this past one especially.

I had been looking forward to homecoming for months now! I hadn't been back to campus since I drove off campus after graduation in May. I was worried it was going to feel weird (and a little sad) to be back on campus not as a current student but honestly from the second I drove onto campus it felt completely normal! Granted I didn't have much free time as I went straight to the tailgate, but all in all it was way more exciting than sad.

Due to the hurricane earlier in the year that pushed the start of my school year back a week I had a make-up class Friday afternoon/evening until 7:30. I was a little sad since a lot of homecoming festivities happen on Friday night but there wasn't much I could do about it. Instead of driving 4 hours after class on Friday night I decided it would probably be a better idea to get an early head start on Saturday. I used Friday to try to get ahead a bit on homework since I knew my Saturday and Sunday were basically filled.

I had everything packed very strategically, steamed my dress the night before, and a bag ready to go for my early wakeup call. I got on the road around 7:15 not without walking through my apartment multiple times ensuring I had everything. I was about an hour an a half into my 4 hour drive and realized I left my perfectly steamed dress and top hanging on a hook in my closet. Next of course came a came a frantic phone call to my mom asking her what I should do.

Luckily it figured itself out and I had brought some extra clothes that I had luckily thrown into my bag at the last minute but I was no doubt kicking myself for the rest of day. I pulled up to campus just in time to join all the tailgates before the game. I was so surprised how many people from my graduating class came back and it was so fun to catch up and hear about everyone's post-grad adventures!! It made me feel so old.

 My sweet little TriDelta family!!

I also got to meet sweet Madison! She's a freshman at Furman this year and it's so fun to read all about her experience.

I spent Saturday afternoon cheering on our school (we won!), catching up with everyone, taking my little and great grandlittle to get Starbucks, and walking around the lake a bit with Emory to find our bricks!

Sidenote about our bricks: if you choose to donate to the senior class before graduation you receive a gift and can engrave it with whatever you want! The bricks are laid in the pathway leading up to the bell tower and arranged in big sections by class. SOMEHOW out of all the bricks from our class, Emory and I's ended up right next to each other out of complete coincidence.

After dinner in downtown Greenville and hanging out with friends late into the evening I was exhausted by the end of the day (especially since I had an early wake-up call!!). After breakfast the next morning with my sweet little, Mary, at one of my favorite Greenville spots, I met back up with Emory so we could make our way back to his place 2 hours away (and halfway home for me!). We both still had a fair amount of school work to get done but decided to reward ourselves after doing homework and make a quick trip to the state fair!

We made dinner in his apartment and called it an early night since I had to get up and drive back to Savannah Monday morning and we both had class.


Woah! I'm exhausted and feel like I need a weekend after my weekend. Although I had less than 24 hours in Greenville, it was so fun to be back and see so many good friends.

Now it's back to the daily grind and time to start thinking about final projects. I think I've mentioned this before but since SCAD is on a quarterly system we get out mid-November for Thanksgiving and don't go back until our Winter quarter in January. Just a little over 3 weeks. I can do this!!

Hope you had a happy weekend!




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