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LOTS of pink and navy in today's post. But like are we surprised at this point?!

My parents are starting to ask for some ideas and at 22 years old most presents under the tree aren't really going to be much of a surprise. I'm trying be strategic about what I ask for as I'm heading into the real world all too soon. Random things like kitchen supplies and pieces that will be appropriate for work one day are in the forefront of my mind but of course, I couldn't help but add a few fun pieces in too.

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one // I'm obsessed with this navy velvet clutch. I mean it's navy and has a bow, what's not to like?! I think it would be perfect for all kinds of winter parties or weddings and would be such a fun addition to any outfit.

two // Okay, I'm not usually one to go for such a statement piece but I'm really into faux fur right now. I think it would look super cute over a black dress or black leggings!

three // Kate Spade released a new coffee table book recently and I'm dying to add it to my collection!

four // My mom made a comment the other day how bad my tennis shoes are looking. They're kind of on their last leg so I'm on the hunt for a new pair. I couldn't resist adding this pair to the list.

five // Okay...these are the BEST price and come in 5 colors! I can't decide which color I like best but I honestly think you couldn't go wrong with any of them.

six // I think this would be the best stocking stuffer or housewarming gift! Tons of my friends are moving / moved recently since we just got out of college and I think this would be an adorable gift! Plus it's SUPER affordable!

seven // I've talked about my obsession with circle bags before but I've had my eye on a blush colored one forever. This one is pretty affordable and adorable!

What's on your wishlist?




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  1. The stamp is a great idea! I got one for my husband and I when we first got married & I still use it to mail bills, invitations, Christmas cards, basically anything that goes in the mail gets that easy stamp. Pro tip, buy a self-inking one :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style