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I'm officially done with my first quarter of grad school! YIPPEE!!! It absolutely flew by but I'm looking forward to some quality time at home with my family. I'm heading home today and making a quick pitstop in Columbia to see Emory for a day or two before he dives into his finals. And you can bet I'll be jamming to Taylor's new album the whole way home.

I took a break from blogging this week so I could really focus on my finals, but I will be back next week in full swing with fun gift guides and other festive posts to kick off the holiday season!

See the orginal post here!

1. This dress is what dreams are made of...I could probably afford it in my dreams too.
2. Did you see Lilly's new print?! And for such a great cuase!!!
3. I have a wedding to go to in December and I thinking maybe this dress?
4. Kinda loving these fun sunglasses
5. Really eyeing these shoes for the holidays
6. On a scale of 1-10 how weird is it that I'm actaully putting this on my Christmas list?

Random Finds:
1. OBSESSED with this post. Make me want to go back to Paris more than I can explain
2. All of Mackenzie's wedding posts this week were so fun
3. This video made my heart so happy
4. And if you were wondering what my favorites from Taylor's new album is I think my top favorites are: New Year's Day, Getaway Car, Delicate, and Dress!!! What are yours?!?!




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  1. Congrats on finishing your first quarter of grad school! I just finished my first year of college, so I totally know the feeling x