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Happy happy Friday friends! We made it, yippee!

I'm going to keep it rather short because I'm currently knee deep (or really more like head deep) into my final projects. They are all due next week hence the total lack of blog posts this week. I'm typically pretty good at writing posts ahead of time but when it comes to finals week my priorities shift to 100% school work. I finish up the quarter next Thursday so keep me in your thoughts as I power through next week. After that, the blog will be back up and running on a more regular schedule! The good news is I'm loving my final projects so far.

Thanksgiving is so close I can taste it! Hahaha I crack myself up...

Luckily there were some pretty exciting things happen this week that made working on finals a tad bit better.

On my radar...
1. Obviously #1 had to be Taylor's new album. I think currently New Year's Day is my favorite (also love Getaway Car)! What's your fav so far?!
2. Speaking of music, I'm in love with Kelsea Ballerini's new album too
3. Chip and Jo's line at Target came out!
4. Can't wait to see this come to life
5. Now you can actually eat breakfast at Tiffany's...add that to the bucket list.
6. Loving this scarf, this dress (on sale!), these sunglasses, and these shoes!
7. Did you catch my apartment tour on the blog this week?!




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  1. Love the Tiffany's cafe! Can't wait to someday have breakfast at Tiffany's for real, thanks for sharing!