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Millennial Pink

Let me first say that I was a fan of pink long before the millennial pink trend. I'm pretty sure that pink has always been my favorite color in face even when it was uncool to like pink in middle school I still rocked it almost everyday. Honestly not much has changed. However it seems like everywhere recently has hopped on the bandwagon and wanted to wear a beautiful shade of light pink that is now being referred to as Millennial Pink. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing this light shade of pink coming back in style and in every store. I really had no idea that this popular shade of the color had a name until recently when I stumbled upon this article that outlined the whole trend. 

The color itself isn't one specific shade. The Cut explained it perfectly and stated that we first started to see the trend as early as 2012, and "appeared as a toned-down version of its foil, Barbie Pink, a softer shade that looks as if all the blue notes have been taken out. By the time everyone started calling it Millennial Pink in the summer of 2016, the color had mutated and expanded to include a range of shades from beige with just a touch of blush to a peach-salmon hybrid." 




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