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This past quarter I took a fashion class called in Forecasting and Business Trends. It was by far my favorite and the most challening class! It was fascinating to learn about how to predict trends, read trend reports, and make our own predictions. We would have converstaions about the current industry and some of the current trends and then try to get to the bottom of each trend (why they're popular, when they orginated, when they've been seen before).

It was so fun! I sound so nerdy saying that but it really was. So it's espically fun to pick up a magazine and see trends we talked about in class!

There are so many fun trends going on right now that it's making it hard to not have a million tabs constanly open on my computer. I'm not typically the first to adopt a new trend. I'm usually very hesitant to change and not one to step outside of my comfort zone to try something new. I still remember when people started wearing yoga pants. I SWORE I would never wear pants that tight and form fitting...now of course I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday. I still laugh at the fact that I ever had that thought.

There's a few trends this season that I'm totally digging right now!





What trends are you loving right now?!




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