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Happy December!!

This week was extra fun because my best friend Danee came into town at the last minute and we were able to spend a few days together! We did all of our annual Christmas traditions together including watching Eloise at Christmastime and decorating a gingerbread house. I might even go as far as saying it was our best house yet...

We also got to take a quick road trip north to visit her older sister who just had the sweetest little baby boy. Cuddling with the cutest little baby while watching Christmas movies was definitely the perfect ending to a fun week. 

This weekend my family is going to get our Christmas tree, which is always one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I also plan on helping my mom take down all of her fall decorations inside the house and rotate the decor over to Christmas. A very festive weekend ahead!

On my radar...

1. Ordered this adorable festive skirt this week
2. Love love love this bow top
3. Obsessed with this sweater
4. Really need a new pair of sneakers so I ordered these this week

Random Finds:
1. Did you hear Lilly Pulitzer swells are coming back?! They're officially for sale!
2. Obviously I'm PUMPED about the royal engagement, did you see their first interview?!
3. I thought this article about Forever 21 was really interesting
4. Kate Middleton looked adorable in her Kate Spade dress
5. Love this animal print & bow combo
6. And for all you swifties out there like me, did you hear Taylor officially released her new album on streaming services?!

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1. Guest Post from my Bff
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  1. Where is your sweater from that you are wearing in the picture? I love it!

    1. It's actually a poncho! It's by Tyler Böe from last year! xx Shannon