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FriYAY! + A Show You Need To Watch!!

This weekend my family is headed to the coast for a family friend's wedding! Of course, it's supposed to snow so I'm probably going to freeze in my dress during the outside ceremony but I'm still SO SO SO excited. It will be fun to get all dressed up and see one of my good friend who I grew up with, get married!

On a completely different note, you NEED to watch this show. I saw an Instagram ad for it and looked up the trailer and was so excited to find out that it was written and produced by Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband, the pair created and wrote the first 6 seasons of Gilmore Girls (aka my all time favorite show). It has the same quick wit as Gilmore Girls but set in the 50s in New York City. My mom and I watched the pilot last night and we're already hooked. Here's the trailer if you're interested.

Love this blue and white Christmas!

Fun Finds:
1. I'm now OBSESSED with this show. And I've only watched the pilot...
2. How sweet is this story?!
3. Obsessed with Jenna Lyon's apartment...that shoe closet, dreams
4. Officially added Quebec City to my travel bucket list
5. I thought this article was interesting to read
7. Such a sweet, feel-good video
8. Have you tried this new vial challenge?

Fashion Finds:
1. This was added to my Christmas list this week.
2. I ordered these shoes on cyber Monday and they finally came (I would size 1/2 a size down)!
3. Really obsessed with this pair of loafers
4. If you need a New Year's Dress... I would pick this one!

What's on your radar this week?




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