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Two Great Target Finds!

I genuinely love Target. When I'm bored, I go to Target. When I need something at the last minute, I go to Target. When I'm going to a wedding in 6 hours and realize that the weather is going to be in the 30s...I go to Target.

My love for Target is unmatched. This past weekend my family had a wedding for a family friend that I grew up with. Originally the ceremony was supposed to be outside (!!!) but when the weather called for snow flurries and 30-degree weather it was luckily moved inside and I headed to Target to get some cute cold weather accessories that would go with my dress.

I was originally going to wear this new adorable red wrap dress but knowing how cold I always am, I switched to a long sleeve dress I've had forever. And thankfully I did because even though it was moved inside, I was still cold during the ceremony!

Target, of course, came through for me. I picked up this adorable faux fur scarf to jazz up my simple black dress, and these cute black shoes that I got multiple compliments on! I was planning on wearing a bigger heel but I knew these would be more comfortable for someone who does not wear heels often and for dancing! And luckily I was right.




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