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A Foggy Morning On Tybee

Last week was a bit rough for me. I'm still trying to figure out my classes and what each requires. I felt overwhelmed by my workload and despite writing "blog post" on my to-do list day after day I never got around to it, hence my lack of posts last week. 

Unlike a lot of bigger bloggers that I admire, this is not my full-time job (and honestly don't think it ever will be). School is my first priority right now and although I try really really hard to get a blog post out there as often as possible, some days school just takes precedent and I find myself glancing up at the clock and it's past midnight with no blog post started.

This week though I'm going to try my best to prioritize things I love (like blogging!) as well as balancing my homework. We'll see how it goes!!

Anyways these photos are from a few weeks ago when my mom was in Savannah with me. I wanted to take her out to Tybee to show her the lighthouse and go for a little walk on the beach. As we were making the 30ish minute drive out there it just continually more foggy. It was almost comical. We finally got out there and you could barely see light house it was so foggy! You had to basically be standing at the base to be able to see it. The beach was completely empty and you could barley see the ocean! 

Despite the fogginess, it was still fun to get out of the city and hang out at the beach! I've decided I need to frequent the beach more this semester, especially as the weather starts to get warmer. Anyways, this Vineyard Vines poncho is so cozy and I've been throwing it over so many outfits recently. 



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