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A Little Life Update

Whew, anyone else have a case of the Mondays? My alarm went off this morning and usually I'm pretty good at getting up right away but boy was I tempted to press snooze a few times (and I may have!).

A few little recent thoughts:

1. I've felt a little distant from blogging lately. My classes this quarter have kept me more than busy and although I have been posting (somewhat) regularly I haven't spent as much time writing posts as I would like. I work on school work from what feels like the moment I get out of bed to the moment I go to sleep and it's hard for me to choose blogging over getting ahead in a class. The past few weeks have been spent focusing a lot on school so I almost feel like I don't have anything too exciting to even talk about in my posts (my life looks so much more interesting on Instagram! ha!). On top of it all I'm taking an extra class from the normal graduate load. Which may be part of the reason I feel so consumed by school lately. It's safe to say I'm more than excited for spring break (aka a full week off) in March!!).

2. We've had a few really really nice weather days the past few weeks that make me so excited for Spring! Spring is by far my favorite season and I can't wait for the warmer weather to roll in and stick around for more than just a few days at a time. I get excited looking at the online new arrivals in stores and spotting pretty pastels and spring dresses.

3. Although school work takes up way more time than I'd like, I've spent some more time outside this quarter exploring Savannah. I love it more and more everyday. Downtown Savannah is just the cutest and I have a running list of places/ resturants on my phone I want to go to. So far my favorites I think are Collins Quarter and Little Duck Diner! Next on my list is: Clearys, Olde Pink House, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, and Top Deck. Please let me know any reccomenedations you have becuase I know my time here in Savannah (I graduate in November) is going to fly by and I want to make sure I try everything!

4. My friend came and spent the night with me a few weeks ago on her way back down to school and we went and saw The Greatest Showman. Both of us had heard great things so we went in with high expectations. And it's safe to say it blew all of our expectations out of the water. I spent way too long on YouTube yesterday watching behind the scenes videos and the soundtrack has been on repeat in my apartment. If you need something fun to do, treat yourself and go see it! Such a fun movie. Next on my list is: The Post!

5. My grandparents live in Michigan however they spend the Winter on Hilton Head Island which happens to be just 45 minutes from Savannah! It's so fun to have them so close and to be able to meet up for a quick meal together. Last week after needing a little break I drove over there, had a nice homemade dinner, and spent the night! They're the best.

6. Emory has a law school function coming up and I need help finding a dress! It's somewhat formal so I'm needing something affordable but still fancy enough. Comment or email me if you've seen anything lately that you love! I need help!

7. Okay this last update is a little silly but my friends and I have been super into playing battleship over text. It's so fun!!! When you go to your messages to the right of the little camera button is the  app store button. Download the game app, GamePigeon (which has so many fun games) and once you've downloaded you'll be able to play fun games (like battleship!) over text together.




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  1. Dillard’s has great sales on formal dresses this time of year. There are some really pretty dresses for under $70.