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Chanel Spring 2018 Couture Line

Chanel's Spring Couture line....me oh my is it amazing.

I typically love everything Chanel however, this collection was exceptionally amazing. Maybe because of its abundance of pink? Or maybe because almost every piece had some sort of sparkle element. Either way I loved every bit of it. 

As a fashion student who is constantly having to scour runway collections for class purposes this one truly stood out to me. I think a lot of people see these runway collections and say to themselves "but who would ever really wear that outrageous look in real life?"And that's a valid question! But these runway collections serve more as a piece of art. Many of the outfits don't even make it to retail. I think you have to remember when looking at a lot of runway collections that the show really serves as a piece of art and to make a statement. 

Chanel's 2018 spring couture line is my kind of statement. I hope you all think it's just as fabulous as I do. 

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  1. You are right- this collection is totally showstopping! And I would rock these in real life ;) ha!