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FriYAY! + My Dream House

Along with a large portion of the east coast, the winter storm got here Wednesday night/ Thursday morning and we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow covering our yard. If it wasn't such a pain to drive in and clean up I would wish for snow way more often, it's just so pretty!

Luckily I flew back from my short New Year's trip in Flordia on Wednesday night right before the storm rolled in. There were so many flights delayed/ cancelled so I was thankful I made it in with no complications (except for some rough turbulence on the flight!). 

I am now focused on spending my last few days at home getting ready for my next quarter and packing up. Why is it that even when I have had such a long break and made so many to do lists I still find myself running around like a mad man the days before I leave?! Just me?! I've been home for a far amount and as a result I unfortunately have a fair amount to pack up. 

I'm heading back to Savannah this weekend and eager to jump into my classes and get them going. I start classes on Monday and I'm hoping that I'll like all my classes just as much as I liked them last semester! 

Now onto what's been on my radar this week...

via - I found this house (aka my dream house) on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it! After I clicked on the link I realized it's in Savannah and now I'm determined to find it so I can see it in person. 

1. These are so cool for purses.
2. I think I now follow more doodle accounts than people, however this pup may be my fav.
3. Obsessed with this wedding.
4. The insta that broke the internet this week.
5. Anyone else thing this engagment ring is a bit ridiculous?!
6. I have a bag super similar to this and used it all summer.
7. These hair ties are the new thing right now and I really want to try them.
8. They're not the cutest but they're truly one of my favorite shoes in the winter.
9. Seriously want these shoes.
10. This dress is back in all petite sizes and I'm so tempted to use a Christmas gift card!




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  1. That house is stunning! There are so many beautiful homes to choose from in Savannah though, I could have a list a mile long if we were house shopping there!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style