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How To Start Off Your Semester Right

Honestly, the very beginning of every semester is always the worst part of the semester for me. 

Getting the syllabus from every class and looking at every assignment, test, and project, that lays ahead causes me extreme anxiety. I feel like I need to start all of them right away! I also hate all the unknowns, not knowing what that exact professor expects, trying to figure out a schedule that works for you, and all the unknowns that comes with starting new classes. 

But I've gotten into some good routines at the beginning of each semester and ways to make the transition easier. 

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1. Organize Your School Supplies

Everyone uses different school supplies to keep themselves organized. For me, I've found that having a notebook for each class that has built-in pockets works best for me. I like having a place to take notes as well as a few pockets to keep handouts. I also label each notebook, try to get a different color for each class to make it easy to differentiate, and then try to color code each class in my planner based on the notebook color.

Going into the semester with all your school supplies already organized eliminates one less thing you have to do after school starts!

2. Write Down Important Due Dates 

One of the first things I do when I get a syllabus from every class is to go through and write down all the big due dates in my planner. This ensures that I'll never miss a due and helps me stay on top of all my big assignments. It also makes it easy to then work ahead because I can easily glance ahead in my planner and see what due dates are approaching.

3. Update Your Resume

This is especially important for college students and even more important going into the spring semester. Often times it is the spring semester when you're applying for summer internships or jobs and having your resume already updated takes one thing off your plate before classes and everything else starts back up. It also makes applying to internships and jobs 10x easier when you already have your resume ready to go!

4. Update Your LinkedIn

This is basically for the same reasons that you want your resume updated. LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important in all industries so having your profile up to date can help you get that dream internship or job! I wrote a post not that long ago about some of my LinkedIn tips and tricks.

5. Create A Folder On Your Computer For Every Class

I try to be organized in every aspect of my life. It obviously doesn't always happen but with the amount of time I spend doing school work on my computer I try to keep all of my files organized. I create a folder for each class to ensure that all my work for each class is in one place.

6. Write Out Your Schedule

I type out my class schedule, print out a copy to put in every one of my class notebooks, my planner, and then take a picture of it so I also have it on my phone. That way on the first day of classes when I forget the classroom or building my class is in I can easily look it up on my phone, look in one of my notebooks, or in my planner.

7. Order Your Textbooks

I know a lot of students wait to order their textbooks until after classes have started but I personally like to go into the semester feeling like I have everything prepared. I typically order all of my textbooks from Amazon, they're typically cheaper and you can avoid the madness in your school bookstore.

8. Wash Your Sheets

This is just purely because I like to start off the new semester with my room clean including my bedding! Plus there is no better feeling than crawling into clean sheets.

9. Back Up Your Computer

I try my hardest to back up my computer regularly but it doesn't always happen. Backing up your computer as often as you can is always a smart idea but it never hurts to do it right at the beginning of the semester to save everything you currently have on your computer.

10. Stock Up On Essentials

For me the semester always got busy and there were truly some weeks when I didn't leave campus once. Stocking up and having extras of your favorite makeup and bathroom products will avoid waking up one morning with a busy day ahead of you and realizing you're out of foundation with no time to run to Target. I always had extra make-up products, shampoo/conditioner, tooth paste, etc.


Good luck with the new semester and make it a great one!




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