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Rainy Day Stripes

I could totally pretend that it was a rainy, wet, day when we shot these photos but in reality it turned into a really sunny and super cold day. The truth is I had been wanting to shoot this outfit for forever so when I finally got the opportunity, I took it! So just pretend it was a rainy, sprint day! 

I was with my friend Ashely, and after photos we went to brunch and I'm sure I got some pretty funny looks wearing rain boots and a rain jacket when it was in the low 40s and everyone else had on their winter jackets and gloves. #DoItForTheBlog

Spring is around the corner so I thought it would be fun to show a rainy day look. While I don't love the rain (unless I'm sleeping!) I do love it as an excuse to wear my favorite hunters and a rain coats. 

I got this adorable striped raincoat last year after my mom finally telling me I could no longer wear my paint stained pink, 6 year old, North Face rain coat any more. I thought it would be a great investment and it's made by Barbour so I know it will last forever. Although I can't find it online anymore, I linked a few really adorable rain coats that I've had my eye on this year! 




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