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I feel like there are two kinds of people. People who have always have a 10000 tabs on their computer open and people who get overwhelmed and only keep 3 open at a time. 

This might surprise you, but despite how type A, I'm the kind of person who always has 10000 tabs open. There's always so many different ideas/ thoughts going on in my mind that I always have so many different tabs open!

When it gets a bit outrageous though, I do attempt to organize them. I'll have one window full of tabs related to one project, another window full of tabs for another project, and lastly, I'll almost always have a window full of tabs of things I have my eye on. Eventually, when I'm prepared enough to part with the idea/item, I'll close the tab or occasionally buy the product. 

All these items below are just ~some~ of the items that currently open in my "shopping window," ha! I also included some other items below that aren't pictured that I'm also eyeing!




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