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Blush on Blush

I've mentioned it before, but SCAD runs on quarters rather than semesters. It was a change for me having been on a semester schedule most of my life but I really don't mind it! The quarters go by so quickly and I'm able to fit in more classes in a year. Each quarter is 10 weeks, so this winter quarter started soon after Christmas and we're currently in week 7! With only a few weeks left of this quarter, it's getting hectic with all my final projects slowly wrapping up. We end March 16th and then have a week off for spring break before starting our spring quarter. 

While it's still winter quarter, the weather has been acting more like spring! When I took these photos it was still pretty brisk in the morning but within the last week or so it's been in the 80s!!! I'm hoping this isn't just a warm front and it's actually here to stay.

As for the outfit, I've really been trying to find some great bargains. I'm obsessed with these shoes, they're are only $22!!!! I've been wanting a pair of mules but wasn't sure how much I wanted to spend on the trend so I was super excited when I found this blush pair. As for the blush coat. I have a bit of a coat obsession and probably need to cut down on the amount of outerwear I have. But I couldn't resist this one at $39!




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  1. I love your scarf! It's so fun for February and spring in general. Quarters instead of semesters sound interesting, is it hard to move through the course content that quickly?
    xx, Lauren | misslaurenalston.com