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Happy happy Friday friends!

If you watched my insta story yesterday, then you know that I'm headed to Columbia this weekend to go to Emory's law formal! I'm still trying to decide on a dress and ended up bringing 3 of the 4 options with me because I just couldn't decide, ha! I'm a mess.

I have a ton of different projects going on right now (some more fun than others!) and I'm excited to hopefully make a good amount of progress on those this upcoming week. This past week was nothing super exciting and spent most of my time doing homework (and watching the olympics!!). I was so pumped for our American women's hockey team!

Savannah is officially in bloom!

On my radar...

1. I really want to watch the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy remake on Nexflix, I've heard it's so good!

2. Did anyone one else watch Trading Spaces when they were younger?! Well it's coming back!

3. The new Kate Spade smart watches are so cool.

4. Did everybody hear about this fun collab with Lilly x Pottery Barn?! Can't wait to see it!

5. Obsessed with these shoes.

6. The perfect summer purse.

Enjoy your weekend!




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