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Scarf in the Park

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but I refuse to believe it. It's been just cool enough in the mornings here where a light jacket is needed but by the afternoon it's been SPECTACULAR. I'm talking low 70s! Now that is my kind of winter. 

When I took these pictures a few weeks ago however, it was freezing. Hence why I'm holding gloves in one picture, ha! Luckily the weather the last few days has been nothing short of perfect and allowed me to escape homework for a few minutes to fit in some great walks through Forsyth. My mom is here visiting for a few days so we've been trying to fit in some fun touristy things in between my classes. 

Forsyth is easily one of my favorite places in the city and luckily I only live a few blocks away. While the park is absolutely beautiful, my favorite part about going to the park is all the puppies!!!!!!! There are always so many dogs out playing and I can go and get my puppy fix. Some nights they even have a big dog club and let all the dog run free playing. It's so fun to watch! It also makes me want one of my own...

Anyways...I'm obsessed with this scarf and have found myself wearing it all the time this winter. Especially since my Barbour coat is easily one of my most worn pieces in my wardrobe. It's so easy to through on over sweaters and goes with so many different colors. 





  1. Love the scarf! And I love your style.

    Could you possibly do another post soon on how you style your hair and what products you're currently using. I'd love to get my curls like yours! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this outfit is too cute, Shannon! I love how it all ties together so well! And I feel ya on not wanting 6 more weeks of winter haha!