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Dresses For Every Occasion

I've gotten so many emails recently about dresses for all different kind of occasions. Between soroity formals, prom, and wedding season coming up it seems like everyone is looking for a dress for a specific occasion. 

Speaking of wedding season, why does it seem like everyone around me is getting engaged?! I'm only 22 (23 in a month!) but I swear every time I go on Facebook or Instagram someone I knew from college or high school is suddenly engaged. Maybe it's the time or year...or my age?? It's weird to me because I still feel so incredibly young. 

Anyways...while I love dressing up, finding a dress you love can be so frustrating. It always seems like when you need a dress the most there aren't any you can find that you really love. I rounded up all the dresses I could find (well that I liked and thought you all would like!) for any kind of occasion you have coming up and separated them by length to help narrow down your search!!



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