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I've been a bad blogger lately.

Since SCAD is on the quarter system we're actually in finals right now. I'm knee deep into presentations, papers, and projects and have my last big assignment due Tuesday and then my spring break commences Thursday AND I CAN'T WAIT (can you hear the excitement as I type?).

On top of finals and school taking up most of my time, I've also been working on a super exciting new project that I'm going to talk more about in a few weeks. I'm so excited to tell you all all about it and I hope you love it as much as I do. If you've been following me on Instagram for a while you've actually heard me talk about it slightly on Instagram stories before. So keep checking back!

But I had a ton of fun seeing all of you using my Instagram templates! Keep tagging me if you post them to your story!! Also who else watched the 2-night Bachelor finale?! No words...

Snapped this outside of my finance class...lol! Everything is blooming here in Savannah though and I'm loving it! Shop my shoes here!

On my radar...

1. I have the neutral color of these but I think I need them in pink for spring.
2. Speaking of my favorite espadrilles, these look exactly like the ones I have but are cheaper and come in a ton of different colors!
3. Keds x Kate Spade...obsessed.
4. What Old Navy did yesterday for International Women's Day was the coolest.
5. I think these glasses would be so fun for spring and summer.
6. This Target wedding photoshoot cracked me up #TargetForever
7. Did you see Draper James' new plus size line?! So proud of them, and it's adorable!!!




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