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Instagram Story Templates

I wish I was better at insta stories. I love watching other blogger's Instagram stories because I feel like I get a real peek into their life behind the perfect insta shot. I love getting to see their personality and see what they're doing on a day to day basis (plus I'm just noisy).

I keep telling myself that I'm going to get better at insta stories, but I just don't feel like I have anything exciting enough to talk about/ show you throughout my day (plus I feel extremely awkward on camera). My typical day usually goes something like this: wake up, watch Good Morning America while I eat breakfast, work on homework until class, go to class, go to group project meetings, and meet with professors, before doing more homework and finally watching Ellen in bed while I fall asleep. Thrilling right?! Lol! #GradSchool

But I've seen some of these fun insta story templates and I thought I would join in! I'm going to be answering the ones below and uploading them later today on my story but I thought I would post them here so you can save them on your phone and can answer them too! I tried to include fun questions that I thought would be fun to see people answer.

 If you use them and post them on your story make sure you tag me or message me so I can see!! Or if you have any other ideas of Instagram story templates you want me to create, comment on this post with your idea!

Easiest way to get them onto your phones is to either go to prepavenue.com on your phone and hold down and save each picture or if you're on your computer save them to your computer and airdrop/ email them to you so you can open them on your phone





  1. how did you create this?

  2. This hype is so fun and increase creativity. I also made some, will be upload to my blog soon. But right now you can see them at my Pinterest