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New Balance x J.Crew

I think people scroll through my Instagram and assume I'm always that dressed up and put together. Far far from accurate.

I was folding my laundry last night and realized just how many yoga pants and t-shirts I wear weekly (it was a lot). Typically within 5-10  minutes of getting home from class, I take off my nicer clothes and change in yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, that is if I didn't just wear yoga pants to class, lol! I do a majority of my work at my kitchen counter so being comfortable is essential.

The New Balance x J.Crew line is one of my favorites. The majority of my yoga pants are from the collection and I love everything from the quality to the colors. It's usually kind of pricey on the regular J.Crew website so I was so excited when I saw they added pieces of the collection to the factory website!

Now you don't have to feel as bad spending that much on yoga pants!




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