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Spring Bags You Need

Last night I presented my last project of the quarter!!!! It was a huge 25 minute presentation that was a huge part of my grade and I felt like I could finally breathe after I finished. Two more days of classes and then SWEET SWEET SPRING BREAK. Praise.

On the topic of Spring, I know I talked about this last week but I literally have almost a dozen tabs open right now of things I'm swooning over. Half of which are bags. Instead of keeping almost half a dozen tabs open of purses I decided to just round them up here for you all to see too. Some are just seriously just too good to pass up. 




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  1. I feel like this is THE YEAR of the spring bag. Rattan and wicker and pastels of all sizes. I have the second, but want the sixth and seventh so much! I have two beach bags that I love. I live in Charleston so it’s acfually ok to use them as day bags which is great! Love these!