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Spring Finds

Well it's officially spring, but it feels more like the weather has gone backward. Bring back the sun and warm weather please, Savannah.

I'm diving into my first week of my spring quarter today after a week off for spring break. I didn't intend not to post on the blog last week but I think I realized when I finally home that I really just need a week off to catch up on sleep and recharge before diving into a whole new quarter with new classes. I'm looking forward to this semester and have a feeling it's really going to fly by. With the warm weather, a few fun events to look forward to, and one less class than last quarter I have a feeling these next 10 weeks are going to be over in a blink (I can only hope so at least haha!).

While I spent a majority of my Spring Break just hanging out, I did do a little spring shopping. I just get so excited for warm weather I can't help myself! I feel like that often happens at the beginning of a new season. Whoopsie. 

Here are a few thing though that I really have my eye on for Spring and just can't seem to close out on my computer.  Also, if you want to see more of my spring picks, I pinned a lot of them on this Pinterest board I just created!




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