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Another week done and I can't believe how close we are to May! It's so weird to see everyone's school year wrapping up as I still have another 5 weeks. School is busier than ever and it currently feels like it consumes every minute (and thought) of my life. More than ever I'm looking forward to May 31st (my last day!) and a little break from school. While I'm taking a class over the summer, I have some other really exciting plans that will make summer a great little break. I can't wait to share my summer plans soon but long story short I am living for June! Until then it's class, homework, group project meetings, and papers!

My birthday is on Monday though which is exciting! My 23rd on the 23rd!! My mom is driving down to celebrate with me and I can't wait to see her! I'm secretly hoping Kate will have her baby on my birthday...fingers crossed!

Swooning over this room...

On my radar...

1. This proposal, dying with cuteness.
2. Who else is shopping Gal Meets Glams dresses?!
3. I'm obsessed with scrolling through all the dresses from the Spring Bridal collections.
4. This Spring scarf is too cute.
5. I think I need these shoes for the Summer.
6. Obsessed with this family.
7. Super fun and cute DIY!




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