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Heels and Wedges for Spring

I'm really a total flat girl. Despite the fact that I'm only 5'1 I would much rather a throw on a pair of comfortable, cute flats. But with just about everyone taller than me, and a boyfriend who is 6'5, sometimes wedges/ heels are fun to wear for special events. 

Whether you have a formal, prom, or wedding coming up all of these shoes are great options! I have a wedding in June and I'm currently on the hunt for a cute pair of either wedges or heels that I'll be able to dance all night in without ending up with blisters all over my foot. If you have any suggestions for comfortable heels or wedges I would love to hear your recommendations!  I stumbled upon all of these on my hunt and I wish I had a reason to purchase all nine of them! So instead, I thought I would share them with all of you :)  

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