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How I Organize My Classes

I think I was born an organization freak. I remember vividly during my elementary school years checking my backpack 10 times every morning to ensure that every piece of homework was in the correct folder. I would pack my backpack the night before and then check it again (just in case something jumped out of my bag while I was sleeping) before I went to school.

Excessive and unnecessary? Absolutely.

Honestly not much has changed. I still get so anxious if I lose one piece of paper and that's why I am so OCD about my school organization. In high school, I had a very detailed organization system. I had a specific colored binder for every class with folders labeled on the inside.

In college, it didn't take me long to realize a full binder for every class wasn't necessary. Typically in my college classes, we had far less handouts, worksheets, and random pieces of paper to keep track. So when it came to school supplies I really just needed a place to write notes and keep some random readings and the class syllabus.

So after stalking Staples for the right kind of notebook, I found these Acell notebooks freshman year that I've been using ever since. Let me tell you why I like them:

1. The covers are plastic so they don't rip in the middle of the school year
2. The spine guard makes it soooo much easier to slip the notebooks in and out of your backpack without the spirals getting stuck on other notebooks
3. They're college ruled
4. They have plastic folders inside that you can pop in and out and a pocket inside the front cover

Since I've been using them for a while now, after the end of the semester I empty out the folders that came inside and resuse them the next semester! The folders pop in and out really easy and are pretty sturdy since they're plastic.

Shop the notebooks here and here!

Although they're not full binders, they still have folders and pockets where I can keep a smaller number of handouts and then a dedicated space for me to take notes. And I can add even more folders if I need them!

I hope this all makes sense. This is just how I organize my school stuff and although it probably won't work for everyone I just thought I would share in case anyone needs some advice! I also will be explaining all this on insta stories later today too! So be sure to watch over on insta :)




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