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Little Love Letters

So I know during the school year it's pretty common to just feel like you're in constant state of exhaustion but man, I feel like I've been running nonstop since January. That being said, I am more than ready for summer. However, my quarter doesn't end until May 31st so I still have a fair amount of time ahead of me.

On top of my demanding class load this quarter, I am also planning and presenting my final project proposal to a board of professors in just a few weeks. This final project encompasses everything I've learned over the past few quarters and will ultimately decide if I graduate (talk about pressure!). I won't actually finish up my final project until the end of the Fall quarter in November but this is the first step of the whole graduation process!

It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. While it's crazy to think that I'm already starting to think about my final project for my masters degree, I am totally ready to get started on it. I'll also feel a huge sigh of relief when this proposal presentation is done in a few weeks.

Until then, it's a rotation of homework, research, group project meetings, class, working on planners (!!!), and hopefully finding the time to write some blog posts!

I've seen a few bloggers write these cute, short, little love letters to the silly things in life you appreciate on a day to day basis and I thought it would make for a fun, and different blog post.

Dear Publix Sprinkle Cookies,

Thank you for always being the best dessert and staying
fresh for so long. You never fail to make my day
colorful and sweet.

Sincerely, Sweet Tooth

Dear stupid TLC Reality Shows,

Thank you for always keeping me company during
dinner. You never fail to entertain me and take my
mind off everything else on my to-do list. Plus I am
extra glad Nate and Jeremiah and Trading Spaces
are back.

xoxo, Long Time Fan

Dear Adam Rippon,

Thank you for always making me laugh. Watching
your interviews and reading your tweets always
ensures a giggle. My favorite would have to include
this video, this one, and can't forget this one.  

Love, Olympic addict

Dear Summer 2018,

Some exciting adventures await.

xx, Girl in need of some sun

Dear Kate Middleton,

I simply cannot wait to see the breaking news
push notification pop up on my phone
when you have your baby. I'm beyond excited
and I'm definitely hoping for a girl. The
countdown is on.

Love, Royal Obsessed




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