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My 2018 Summer Plans...

Yesterday on the way back from a field trip, a group of girls from my class and one of our professors started talking about the reputation of the fashion industry and how it's so much more than most assume. The clothing industry today is one of the largest industries around the world and there's so much more to it than pretty dresses.

During my undergrad years, I was always hesitant to say that I wanted to work in the fashion industry when people inquired about my future plans. Instead I would say marketing or communications and then occasionally quickly add on "possibly for a clothing company." It also seemed so silly sounding especially in relation to all my friends and roommates who were all Political Science majors with a Poverty Studies minor or a Chemistry major on the pre med track.

I always felt like it sounded so much less prestigious. Instead I felt like I just sounded like a silly girl who had unrealistic expectations of working in the fashion industry just like every other teenager.

But what I've realized after 8 months into my Luxury and Fashion Management Masters program is that there are so many facets of the fashion industry that make it just as impactful and important as someone working in another industry.

Today when I try to describe my masters program I always say it's like getting an MBA for the fashion industry. I've taken a finance class, a supply chain management class, and multiple marketing and advertising classes, all specifically related to the fashion industry.

While my classes have been some of the most challenging classes I've taken, I've learned so much about the fashion industry and the business aspect that I'm now confident there's a place for me somewhere inside of the that big, intimidating, industry.


I've worked a lot of different internships. Some I've LOVED and others...I didn't love so much. Through all of them though I learned how much I value company culture. While the tasks I spent my  time on mattered, I realized the people I worked with mattered way more.

During some of my internships in the fashion industry girls would literally scream at each other in the office over responsibilities or who did what wrong. Or employees would pretend like I simply did not exist and would ignore my casual "good morning" as they walked by my desk every day. It was so uncomfortable and just an environment I did not feel comfortable or confident in.

But despite the fact the fashion industry is known for it's stuck up, rich, bitc**y girls, I knew that there had to be companies out there that served as contradictories to these stereotypes and a place where I would fit in.


Enter: Lilly Pulitzer

"The" dream company since...well for as long as I can remember. I vividly recall how excited I was about graduating high school just because I was finally old enough to apply to the internships of some of my dream companies. Freshman year I even remember sitting in my dorm room when Lilly had a little competition to submit your phone number and every night, they would pick one person at random to call for an on the spot interview. Despite my persistence the phone call never came.

But I continued to apply online to their Creative Communications internship every single year. And every year something else fell into place. But I never really gave up hope.

Once again, this past fall rolls around and I see the announcement that Lilly has posted their internship positions again. I wasn't sure what to do. Having completed 4 previous internships, I really thought that this summer I would stay in Savannah, have a relaxed summer, and just focus on the class I will be taking. I really thought I was done being an intern and thought maybe it was time to start focusing on my job hunt (since I'll be graduating in November).

But I threw in the towel and thought "what the heck" I might as well at least apply. Well 5 months and a few interviews later I was riding my bike to school to have a meeting with my professor when the phone call came. I saw a Philadelphia area code pop up on the screen and scrambled to park my bike and catch my breath before answering. I had gotten the internship.

Summer after summer of applying and I finally got the internship I had always been wanting.

While I really wasn't planning on adding another internship to my resume this was too good too pass up and totally a dream come true. God always has a funny way of surprising you with his timing. And after a really challenging and rough first 7 months of grad school this internship makes summer sound even better.

I can't wait to share more about my summer in the Pink Palace with you!

I have a feeling Lilly Pulitzer will be exactly the kind of fashion company that I've been looking for all along.





  1. So excited to have you in the Philadelphia area! Congrats!

  2. Oh my goodness, Shannon, congratulations! I am so excited for you and can't wait to read all about it!


  3. Congrats, that is such an amazing opportunity!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

  4. That's seriously such a dream! Congratulations-I hope you'll be able to share lots of fun things about working at Lilly!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  5. That is a HUGE opportunity!! Congrats girl!! You're going to rock it!!

  6. You will have to talk to Amy from amybelievesinpink.com! she's at lilly right now!

  7. I am so so so excited for you! What an amazing opportunity!