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Newest Arrivals

Does anyone else add tons of things to their shopping cart on multiple websites and then never pull the trigger? Me...all the time.

I find cute stuff online (mostly when I'm procrastinating) and keep the tab open for weeks and then one day I finally come to the realization that I'm either never going to buy what's in my cart or they have run out of my size, whichever comes first, then I finally close the tab.

Spring/ Summer season comes around though and every year and my love for shopping nearly multiplies by 20 (is that even possible?!). So many cute dresses. So many cute skirts. And I just can't help myself.

Many of my favorite brands have been releasing their summer lines recently and instead of emptying my savings to buy all of the new arrivals I thought I would share my favorites with you all!

Loft //

What's in your cart?




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