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Target Finds You Can't Resist

I think I'm really a suburban house mom at heart. Nothing gets me excited like a trip to target and a stroll through their dollar section. Anyone else?!

While at Furman, the closest Target was on the complete opposite side of Greenville. It was about a 20-25 minute drive so I couldn't go as likely as I would have wanted. Now living in Savannah, I live in the heart of the historic district, which is beyond convenient for my classes, however, the closest Target once again is at least 20 minutes away. While my credit card is rather happy, I would prefer one much closer.

I have decided that when I start looking for a job after graduation, a Target within close proximity will be high on the priority list...too much?

Yesterday, while trying to get my Target fill without driving 25 minutes, I spent entirely too long on the website. Seriously so great summer finds!!

What's your fav? That khaki coat though.





  1. Target is seriously the best,I have picked up so many summer pieces from there recently!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

  2. Totally feel ya on the suburban stay at home with the target shopping- our closest Target is 30 minutes away from Clemson so it's a rare occasion I get to go! All of these pieces are so cute!


  3. I tried on that blue and white gingham shirt with the sleeve, and I so wanted it to be cute. But unfortunately, even the XS was SO BIG it just looked ridiculous. But I bought a lot of other spring stuff there recently and everything is so cute right now!